Saturday, January 01, 2011

Top MP babu's fake certificates exposed

In a first of its kind, the Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha has asked its Principal Secretary AK Pyasi to submit certificates relating to his educational qualifications and date of birth within the next 10 days. Pyasi rose to power by allegedly using fake certificates. Madhya Pradesh Assembly Principal Secretary AK Pyasi is in the dock - not on charges of corruption but for allegedly producing fake educational certificates to get into the post of Chief Muncipal Officer in 1977. Pyasi is due to retire in May 2011 as Principal Secretary. But the state Vidhan Sabha is caught in a strange situation as it does not have Principal Secretary's service record
The man who first alleged that Pyasi had manipulated records and obtained jobs through fake certificates is advocate Sanjay Nayak. Nayak first asked for the service record book of Pyasi from the Vidhan Sabha under the Right to Information Act.

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