Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Six years after tsunami, no houses for victims

Six years since the tsunami in the Indian Ocean washed away millions of lives and livelihoods, victims in certain fishing villages in Chennai are yet to get the free houses promised under the rehabilitation scheme. What's more, the government does not even have data of the affected people and those eligible for resettlement in these villages. Residents of Srinivasapuram and Foreshore Estate have been denied the free housing provided under the Emergency Tsunami Reconstruction Programme funded by the World Bank for six years for dubious reasons. The project originally planned for these two fishing villages was later called off, citing non-cooperation from residents. However official records show the government does not even have data of the number of people affected. This was revealed in an RTI filed by Shashi Kumar, a resident of Foreshore Estate and secretary of Coastal Communities Protection Movement. "How can they claim the project was cancelled due to lack of cooperation when they do not have even preliminary data on the number of victims eligible for the scheme," he asks. Residents allege the government was hesitating to build the houses as a proposed elevated expressway would run over Srinivasapuram and Foreshore Estate.

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