Sunday, December 05, 2010

Rent for diplomacy: Rs 152 crore in 3 yrs

Despite suggestions from parliamentary panels to curtail its rental bills abroad, the ministry of external affairs seems to be living it up. Figures accessed by Hindustan Times, using the Right to Information Act, show that it has paid over Rs 152 crore in the past three years for running the Indian missions and posts abroad.

In 2007-08 ministry of external affairs' rental bill was Rs 46,56,64,343, in 2008-09 it rose up to Rs 51,37,25,012 and touched Rs 54,36, 20, 906 in 2009-10. The Public Accounts Committee had in 1986-87 said, "The Government should draw up a long-term plan, which should provide the acquisition of plots and immovable properties, and construction of buildings on plots already acquired so that rental outgo, which is increasing year after year, is reduced to the barest minimum".

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