Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hurting from the RTI bites, govt readies muzzle and leash

The going might get difficult for RTI applicants. The government has started the process of notifying the RTI rules. As per the new rules, each RTI application can have questions related to only one subject matter and the word limit is 250 words. This is excluding the address of the central public information officer and the address of the applicant. Further, the applicant will be required to pay the actual amount spent by public authority on hiring a machine or any other equipment, if any, to supply information. There is no logic behind this word limit. It will become a problem for
semi-literate people to draft an application in 250 words. It is like telling me that I can speak to you in these many words before I actually start speaking. This is something fudamentally erroneous, said Venkatesh Nayak, programme coordinator, access to information Programme, Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative.

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