Thursday, December 02, 2010

Govt "robbing" farmers to help firms

RTI plea reveals water ministry has diverted water from 43 dams to SEZs and big cities, violating provisions of water resources law. Government is pushing amendment to the law to validate their excesses, activists allege Even as water scarcity continues to haunt the state despite sufficient rainfall, activists are crying hoarse over what they claim is water theft by the state government. The activists say the government is diverting water meant for agricultural purposes to industries. The Government of Maharashtra, under the initiative of Water Resources Ministry, passed an ordinance on September 17, 2010. The protesters claim that the ordinance is meant to legalise past inequitable decisions to take away water rights of farmers and give them to industries and big cities. The said ordinance is in the process of being turned into law when the state
legislature opens for its winter session in Nagpur on December 1.

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