Sunday, December 12, 2010

Good time to act

Five years after it was enacted, the "miracle" Right to Information Act is empowering people and catalysing change. But while national impact stories emerging out of RTI applications are celebrated, it isn't just the city-bred citizen who is discovering skeletons in the bureaucracy's cupboard by posing awkward questions to the babus. If right to information (RTI) pleas helped unearth national scams such as Adarsh Housing Society, the Commonwealth scandal and illegal mining in Karnataka, in villages and small towns, its deployment is raising accountability and speeding up change. A band of inspired individuals from across the country have used the Act for causes as diverse as making the voice of displaced villagers heard, to getting basics that urbanites take for granted - passports, food rations, street lights and sanitation.


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Right to information, if used properly, will change india...  
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