Friday, December 17, 2010

Details of babus' assets can't be made public': DoP

In a state where every minister is required to file a declaration of their property and liabilities to the chief minister annually, the department of personal (DoP) considers property details and income-tax returns of bureaucrats as personal information and can't be disclosed for public. The state cabinet had taken a decision earlier this year that all ministers in the state will have to file a declaration of their properties to the CM. The DoP stance came through in a reply to an RTI query that was filed by a resident of Jodhpur Dinesh Bothra. Bothra had sought details of all immovable property of officers belonging to the all-India services and working in
Rajasthan, including IAS, IPS and IFS. All these officers, as per service rules,
are required to submit the same to the DoP every year. The RTI query also sought information from the DoP on what action the department had initiated against those all-India service officers who have not filed returns of their income by January 2010 as is mandated by rules of the department. The petitioner also sought information on whether any of these officers have received any gift worth more than Rs 5,000 last year details of which are suppose to intimated to the DoP within a month of receiving the gift.
In its reply dated December 7, the DoP has stated, "The information sought by
you (Bothra) is personal and there is no public interest involved in it and it
is related to third person. Therefore, the information sought under RTI Act-05
Section 8(1) (J), can't be given."

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