Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Project-affected people, farmers complain of missing land records

When, in 2001, the Andra irrigation project was completed in Maval taluka, 14 villages were displaced. Yet nine years later, just three of the 1,300 families affected have been resettled. Similarly , some 60 per cent of families affected by the construction of Varasgaon dam in 1974 are still awaiting rehabilitation. The hundreds of displaced and affected people already fighting to be rehabilitated in the state are now facing a new problem — the mysterious absence of land records. The state information commissioner (Pune bench) has received a number of complaints in which project-affected people (PAPs) and farmers are denied information about their land by district collectorate officers who say they cannot provide information as 'land records were not found' . The PAPs and farmers fear the 'missing' documents indicate that their land has been grabbed and the records manipulated.

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