Sunday, November 21, 2010

Appoint Transparency Officers within 30 days: CIC

In the first order of its kind, the Central Information Commission has directed all public authorities to appoint within 30 days senior officials as Transparency Officers, who would act as an interface between the Commission, people and public authorities. The Transparency Officers shall be "very senior" officials other than Public Information Officers and Appellate Authorities which are designated for replying RTI applications and listening to appeals against the replies respectively. "They will be very senior officials of the department who will act as an interface between the Commission and the public authorities on the one hand and the public authority and the people on the other," Chief Information Commissioner A N Tiwari told PTI.

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The order of CIC to appoint Transparency Officer will further delay to get information from Department concerned. Already it takes one year or so.

The Transparency Officer will always protect the interest of their employees CPIO & Appellate Authority.

Hence, it is proposed that process will be simpler, which the common man can use it to fight against corruption.

As you are aware that only 9% get proper reply from CPIO in time.The Act is to be further strngthened by adopting a procedure, where CPIO cannot delay the information on one pretext or other.

Dr. Satya Prakash
Former Director
Central Food Laboratory
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