Friday, October 01, 2010

RTI helps family to fight fraud daughter-in-law

In 2007, Tejashree Mahesh Kalge, a bank employee consumed poison and tried to commit suicide alleging harassment from her in-laws. Her father Haribhau Prabhavalkar, former deputy mayor of Kolhapur, filed a case against his daugther’s in-laws. After this, Tejashree’s in-laws were in jail for 21 days. Upon their return from jail, they noticed that their house was ransacked and jewellery was missing. Following this, Tejashree’s in-laws rushed to the police station, but the police refused to file it. In the meanwhile, the family was relieved from Tejashree’s first case of abetment to suicided filed against them. The Kalge family had to run pillar to post for two long years to get an FIR filed and it was only after they found out, through a Right to Information (RTI) petition, that the doctor who examined Tejashree and issued a medical certificate at the time of her suicide attempt was an Ayurvedic practitioner, who cannot issue these certificates.

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