Monday, September 13, 2010

MCD paid R 30 crore to consultant to find parking spaces

The MCD has paid nearly Rs 30 crore as consultancy fee for the Games and other projects. The consultants were hired to find space for surface parkings and multi-level parking lots. The consultants were also meant to help in projects related to upgradation of roads, rehabilitation and upgradation of flyovers etc. "Rs 10 crore was given to a firm to find space for multi-level parking lots and for surface parking lots," said a senior MCD official. "We have 1,100 engineers in the MCD so seeking consultancy for road projects sounds illogical," said Jagdish Mamgain, chairman of the Works committee of the MCD. The MCD says it spent Rs 30 crore on consultancy for 20 projects. The Central Information Commission had asked the MCD, NDMC and Delhi government to post details of tenders, work and hiring of consultants/ NGOs for the Games projects on their site.

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