Saturday, August 07, 2010

Water chlorination: RTI exposes MC's tactics

Though tall claims have been made by municipal corporation about the regular chlorination of water tanks, RTI has bought to light, the reality. Information collected through the RTI has revealed that 14 out of 22 tanks are in working condition but are being neglected. Despite having admitted the fact about decaying overhead water tanks, municipal corporation has failed to adopt any measures. A resident, Arvind Sharma had sought information from municipal corporation about the number of water tanks, their condition and the process of chlorination for the purification and was informed about the current tank conditions. RTI stated that in sub zone D-I, seven out of eight tanks are working, while one is yet to be connected to the tube well. Similarly, in sub zone D-2, three out of five tanks are functional and in sub zone D-3, four out of nine function. No inform for sub zone D-4 was provided. The water tanks had been installed to provide supply to the city in case of any snag in the tub wells.

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