Saturday, August 07, 2010

Temples in Goa not covered under RTI: D''Souza

The temples in Goa cannot be covered under Right to Information (RTI) Act as they are private bodies, state legislative Assembly was told today. State revenue minister Joseph Philip D'Souza, responding to the calling attention motion on Thursday, said the temples (devasthans) were not public authorities. "These are private temples managed by the body of mahajans and governed by their own by-laws," D�Souza told the Assembly. BJP leader and Leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar had moved a motion stating that there is anxiety and apprehensions in the minds of people that the government intends to bring temples and other religious institutions under RTI. D'Souza said government is of the opinion that temples are not established or constituted by law made by Parliament or the state legislature. Nor are these bodies controlled by state government, he said. The state government has said the mamlatdar (revenue officer) has limited powers of supervision being the administrator in terms of regulation. The motion was initiated after district collector on July 16, 2010 issued circular to temples asking them to give all vital information to one M Athikesavan of Tamil Nadu, who had moved an application under RTI.

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