Thursday, August 26, 2010

RTI helps poor diamond polishers get back cancelled BPL cards

While several inspiring stories about the Right To Information Act helping Indians get back their rights have been told, here's another inspiring tale of Pravin Dholakia, a 30-year-old diamond polisher in an Amreli village, who brought back food to his hungry family with the help of the Act. Not only that, his success inspired many others like him to fight for their rights as well. Said Pravin, the only breadwinner of his seven-member family who got his Below Poverty Line (BPL) card reinstated, "The local district administration department had carried out a drive to put a check on bogus ration cards in the district in July 2008. During that drive, the officials cancelled my family's legal ration card. It was a crucial time for us as the entire diamond polishing industry was going through recession. The ration card had become a very important for us to survive us as the government had provided basic essentials, especially if a family held a BPL ration card."

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