Thursday, August 26, 2010

Politician may be behind Jethava murder: Cops

The city crime branch has found definite leads to a political motive behind the murder of whistleblower and RTIactivist Amit Jethava. A top political leader from Saurashtra is being suspected of have paid to kill Jethava through his nephew identified as ‘Pratap' who is close to police constable Bahadur Wadher from Kodinar in Junagadh. The police are believed to have brought four more persons for questioning in this case, from Porbandar. Pratap is currently president of the local municipality, against whom Jethava had also lodged a complaint. The allegations on him were that all the property that he built in the name of the community, were transferred to his own name and Jethava had filed an RTI on this. The revelations in this RTI led to the municipality being superseded.

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