Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jeweller turns RTI crusader

For 19 years after he bought two houses in 1988 in Lonavla, jeweller Kishore Jain used to drive down to the getaway for his weekly dose of quiet and peace. All that changed in 2007. Now, Jain is busy fighting to save Lonavla from land sharks. In 2007, Jain noticed that two row houses, right opposite his, had been bought by a hotel. Jain filed an RTI query in February 2007, which revealed that the hotel didn't have the requisite permission to function as it was in a residential zone. He lodged a complaint with the Lonavla Municipal Council (LMC) but no action was taken. A legal battle followed. The local Vadgaon court in July 2007 passed an order directing the Lonavla Municipal Council to demolish the hotel. Nothing happened. Next was Pune's District Court, which upheld the demolition in July 2008. Despite the orders, the hotel continued to function.

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