Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Drug labs closed for 2 yrs cost govt Rs 116cr

The government of India incurred a loss of more than Rs 116 crore by keeping three public sector vaccine labs closed for two years, government audits and RTI applications have revealed. While the government had to spend an additional Rs 40 crore to purchase BCG, DPT and TT vaccines from private labs, other expenses, including payment of salaries without income, amounted to more than Rs 76 crore. The Drug Controller General of India had cancelled the manufacturing licences of BCG Lab, Chennai; Pasteur Institute (PI), Coonoor; and Central Research Institute (CRI), Kasauli, on January 15, 2008, citing non-adherence of good manufacturing practices. The suspensions were revoked on February 22, 2010, but none of the labs has supplied a single dose of vaccine to the government's universal immunisation programme yet.

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