Monday, July 12, 2010

3-yr wait for surgery at govt hospitals

Patients hoping to get surgeries done at Delhi's two premier government-run speciality hospitals may have to wait for a period ranging between six months and three years.
While the general surgery department at AIIMS has a minimum waiting period of three to five months, in gastro-intestinal surgery the wait is from six months to one year. The longest waiting period is in the neurosurgery department — 18 months to three years. All major departments — general surgery, gastro-intestinal, paediatrics, orthopaedics, nephrology, cardiac and neuro — have long waiting lists for surgery, reveals an RTI reply. According to data provided by the hospital, AIIMS performs about 329 surgeries every day, adding up to about 1,20,000 a year. In cardiac surgery the waiting period is six months to one year, in orthopaedics about one year. In reply to the RTI application, Dr Shyam Lal of the Cardio-Neuro Sciences Centre at AIIMS accepted that "in unit one of the neurosurgery department, priority cases can get admission on November 2011, while the gestation period for routine cases is till August 2013."

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