Saturday, June 19, 2010

Study: Former babus stumbling block to RTI implementation

Civil society has launched a campaign to replace outgoing ex-babus in information commissions with non-bureaucrats. The move gains momentum because in 2010 vacancies will come up in not just the Central Information Commission (CIC) but also state information commissions in Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Orissa. Krishnaraj Rao, Mumbai RTI activist, hopes that civil society representatives will inundate administrative agencies like the DoPT at the Centre with applications to become information commissioner. Rao and Chennai-based Madhav Vishnubhatta insist that the campaign is not against bureaucrats. All that they want is to see a fair and transparent selection process in place. They are also helped in part by the criterion laid down for information commissioners which only says "eminent citizens from all walks of life" are eligible for the position.

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