Saturday, June 19, 2010

RTI cases piling up, Commission seeks state govt

Alarmed with the rising number of pending RTI complaints, the State Information Commission is learnt to have apprised the state government of the increasing work pressure on Information Commissioners. The commission — where as many as 32,811 cases were pending at the end of March — has also suggested ways to lessen the burden of complaints. The government, in response, has shot a missive to various departments asking them to cooperate. The letter issued by Secretary Anita Singh directs departments to do away with the practice of deputing juniors officers at case hearings and asks Public Information Officers and First Appeal Officer to be present there. This will reduce the pendency of cases as "in the absence of PIOS, we are left with no other options but to further postpone the hearing," said Information Commissioner Gyanendra Sharma.

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