Sunday, June 06, 2010

IAF rejects RTI application on questionable grounds

Four years after the Right to Information (RTI) Act was enacted to ensure easy access to information for citizens, officials are still rejecting applications on questionable grounds, which may make them liable for punishment. The Indian Air Force headquarters rejected an RTI application saying that fee attached in the form of Indian postal order was drawn in favour of "Accounts Officer, Indian Air Force" and not "Air Force Public Fund Account, Air Headquarter, New Delhi" as per their internal rules.

The sub-section "RTI-regulation of Fee and Cost Rules, 2005" under the RTI Act section of Indian Air Force's official web site clearly states that fee can be drawn in favour of Accounts Officer of the Public Authority, which in this case was the IAF. When the concerned Central Public Information Officer, Wing Commander T. Sajan, was contacted, he said, "The information on the web site may be wrong. We don't have any such head to accept the fee."

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