Sunday, June 13, 2010

Departmental action against Mansa executive engineer recommended

Smelling a scam in the allotment of contract for construction of a judicial complex in Budhlada, the Punjab State Information Commission has recommended departmental action against Executive Engineer, Public Words (Bridge and Roads), Mansa, Joginder Singh.
In his complaint, H C Arora alleged that after the contract was given to a contractor, Singh asked him to reduce the rate by two per cent, which he did. After a few days, the executive engineer asked the contractor to give another letter, offering to reduce the rates by 0.2 per cent. The new letter bore the same number and date as the previous one that offered 2 per cent reduction. The difference between the two figures came to Rs 9.37 lakh, which was the loss suffered by the government and shared between Singh and the contractor, complainant H C Arora alleged.

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