Saturday, June 19, 2010

Battery run Reva cars eating into police coffers

The battery operated Reva cars, launched in 2006, are proving to be an expensive
proposition for the Chandigarh Police. Eating into its coffers, the environment-friendly cars meant to save on fuel has cost lakhs of rupees to the Chandigarh Police on its repair and maintenance. On November 24, 2006, the Chandigarh Police inducted three Reva Electric cars into its patrolling fleet of cars. The price of each car was Rs 3,26,454 at the time of purchase. An RTI application filed by Newsline revealed that the police has incurred an expenditure of over Rs 4.2 lakh on the repair and maintenance of these cars since the time they were purchased — a figure that would have cost the Chandigarh police another car. In these four years, the cars have been making repeated rounds of the workshop, making the much touted cars a source of trouble for the police. While the ride in the initial two years was smooth, the last 15 months have seen the cars eating into the cops treasury.

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