Saturday, June 19, 2010

Assam Govt offices ignoring RTI Act

A section of those who use the Right To Information (RTI) Act in Assam have voiced concern over omissions and commissions by State Government authorities, which they say have undermined the actual purpose and intent of the Act. They told The Assam Tribune that a strong message has still not gone to government offices and establishments to carry out the provisions of the Act several years after it was adopted as a tool to promote probity in public affairs, including transparency in Government finances. An NGO worker based in Golaghat, who was among the pioneers who made use of the Act said, "From some time we have seen government officials gradually ignoring the provisions of the Act. In most cases these days we do not get the information within the stipulated 30-day period," he noted. He further pointed out that the State Information Commission has failed to rein in erring officials as a result of which they have not bothered to deal with RTI applications with due seriousness.

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