Monday, January 18, 2010

Murder of Shri Satish Shetty at Talegaon

*Resolutions Approved in the RTI Activists Meeting*
*Held at Patrakar Bhawan,Pune on *

*17 January 2010*, *4 p.m. – 5.30 p.m.* **

1. To approach the Hon’rtble High Court to appoint an officer to supervise the conduct of the case so that it is brought to fruition within a specified time-frame and also to ask for the case to be handed over to the CBI. It would be desirable to make an intervention in the case that the Hon’ble High Court would take up *suo moto*.

2. To take up a case for amendment of the Criminal Procedure Code to include death sentence for the killers in all cases where the plotters have given ‘*supari’** *and a murder takes place. Advocate Netra Prakash Bhog would prepare a draft amendment.

3. To take steps to form a RTI Council with a view to protecting the interest of the RTI requisitionists, to guide them on how to progress the cases and to follow up the cases by keeping copies of all the RTI requisitions and replies received from the members of the Council. To start with, it is necessary to draft a constitution of the Council with the assistance of legal experts, to decide the Act under which to register the Council and to work out the objects of the Council in detail. Conveners would hold meetings to interact with the volunteers and RTI Activists. Many activists have opted to work voluntarily for the Council:

4. Convenors would prepare a draft Whistleblowers Act based on the US Act. The draft should relate to the conditions obtaining in India. The Council or RTI activists would then progress the issue.

5. It is necessary to approach the Hon’ble High Court to obtain orders regarding the responsibility for implementing Section 4 of the RTI Act and to issue directions for its implementation.

6. Mr. Sandeep Shetty (brother of late shree satish shetty) is digitizing all the documents pertaining to RTI requisitions made by Mr. Satish Shetty. He will hand over the digitised copies to Mr. Vijay Kumbhar who would then study the documents with the help of Mr. Vivek Velankar. A committee of M/s Vijay Kumbhar and Vivek Velankar would then segregate the documents by subjects and decide on the experts in the various fields who would progress the cases. The cases generally pertain to PDS, City Survey, Registration/Stamp Duty, Land grabbing and illegal constructions.

18 January 2010

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