Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ganga Expressway project to affect 1,024 villages

The Ganga Expressway Project would affect 1,024 villages. These villages would come under the `right of way' (ROW) plan of the expressway. Surprisingly, the state government has no statistics regarding the population and the families which are going to be affected by the project. This came to light when a query was asked by corporator Kamlesh Singh under RTI Act. Kamlesh's question was: How many villages are going to be affected by the Ganga Expressway Project and what is the population of these villages and the number of families which are going to be affected? The answer has been provided by Prabhu Shankar, under secretary in Industrial Development Section of the state government through letter number 4261(1)/77-3-09, dated January 11.

To a question that how many hectares of agricultural land would be acquired and the quantity of crops produced there, the answer was: According to the directives of Allahabad High Court issued on May 29, 2009, the government was told to obtain clearance on environment. The department said that it would be able to give information regarding agricultural land only after obtaining clearance. Pointedly, 14,705 hectares of land would be acquired.

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