Saturday, December 12, 2009

Over 30% of budget spent on official hotel of IFFI

The claims of the Entertainment Society of Goa, which actually should have been named as the Extravagant Society of Goa, that it has curtailed the budget of the recently concluded International Film Festival of India to Rs 6.5 crore, appears pretentious, if the information sought under the Right to Information Act and authentic documentation are to be believed.

The estimated budget prepared by the ESG for the IFFI 2009 stands at Rs 6.48 crore, which is much less than that for the IFFI 2008 – Rs 11.83 crore. But that is only half truth. If the inaugural film festival in Goa, held in the year 2004 is considered, then that film festival had the budget of Rs 6.39 crore, out of which Rs 4.93 crore were spent on cultural programmes like music concerts by noted playback singers, plays performed by actors like Anupam Kher, beach screenings and so on. That makes Rs 1.46 crore as the actual expenditure on IFFI 2004. And to think, IFFI 2009 had no cultural programmes in the city or around the state.
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