Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Unsafe passage to school

Supreme court directives and periodic drives against unregistered vehicles by RTO have failed to ensure safe transportation for schoolchildren. The drivers of school buses frequently break traffic rules and are found to be overspeeding without any fear of the consequences. Despite the ongoing traffic month, school vans fitted with LPG cylinders and those overloading are openly flouting the norms but the traffic police seems to be oblivious of the fact.

In answer to a Right To Information application filed by parents' welfare association, it was revealed that only 259 buses are registered as school buses by the schools while 56 vehicles under contract carriage permit vehicles. However, going by unofficial estimates, there are about 500 private school cabs ferrying on the city roads. Out of these, the Maruti vans are the biggest offenders and RTO officials expressed their helplessness in putting a check on these as, "Maruti vans simply don't approach us to get registered as school vehicles.''

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