Wednesday, November 04, 2009

PIL demands CBI probe into faulty bullet proof vests

A PIL in Bombay High Court has demanded an inquiry by CBI or any other independent authority into the alleged lapse in the purchase of sub-standard bullet proof vests for Mumbai police as a result of which three top police officers were killed in 26/11attack. The PIL, based on information obtained through Right to Information Act, alleged 16 blatant violations of the rules during purchase of vests and said as a result of these lapses senior police officers Hemant Karkare, Ashok Kamate and Vijay
Salaskar were shot dead by terrorists.

"These bullet proof jackets were worn by the officers under the impression that they would fight the terrorists with adequate protection. However, when the terrorists fired at them the bullets pierced through the vests killing them," the PIL, filed by social activist Santosh Daundkar, alleged. The PIL further alleged that the government had not taken any action and instead gone all out to protect the delinquent officers. It will come up for hearing next week.

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