Monday, October 19, 2009

Govt bodies have no websites

A recently conducted review of 67 various government departments, corporations, local bodies and premier institutions, has revealed that as many as 43 of them do not have any website at present. Besides, of those that have websites, most of them are not updated. The review was recently conducted by the chief secretary to verify the opening
of websites in government departments. A circular issued by the IT secretary Uddipta Ray to all government departments on October 10, 2009 reveals, "The chief secretary expressed not only his concern but also displeasure at the tardy way the matter has been dealt with by the various government departments". The circular notes, "The situation has been viewed with greater concern because under the Right to Information Act, it has been made mandatory for all the government departments and other organizations coming within the purview of the said Act to not only set up their websites in a time bound manner but also to keep it continuously updated".

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