Wednesday, September 16, 2009

MSU registrar's office sealed

MS University (MSU) registrar's signing authority has been revoked and his office has been sealed, for the first time in the history of university. Vice-chancellor (V-C) Ramesh Goyal gave the order after a Right to Information (RTI) application filed by a senate member revealed that registrar A V Gupta has been drawing excess salary by not disclosing the actual amount of pension that he received as a retired colonel.

Goyal had sought Gupta's clarification after receiving information that had surfaced after the RTI application made by senate member Narendra Ravat, but when the registrar refused to divulge details, Goyal called an urgent meeting of all section heads on Wednesday.

The RTI reply had stated that every month Rs 8,827 was deducted from the registrar's salary in lieu of the pension he received. Ravat, then, produced Gupta's bank statement that showed that he was getting a pension of Rs 11,216 since 2006, of which Gupta had not informed the university.

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