Saturday, May 30, 2009

Guilt trip - No foreign tours for UT officials

A controversy has ensured that it is no longer in for UT officials to go out of the country. The administration, which was accused of spending public money on seemingly pointless foreign trips of UT bureaucrats last year, is apparently showing its guilt, as it has not allowed any such excursion in 2008-09. This data was provided in a Right to Information (RTI) Act reply to a query by social activist RK Garg. Garg had used RTI Act in a similar way last year and created a storm by highlighting the amount of money spent on frequent jaunts by senior officers. He said it could be concluded that compared to last year, the administration had saved Rs 50 lakh, which would be available for development works. This time, Garg had sought copies of sanctions given to IAS, HCS and PCS for flying out of India.

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