Thursday, December 04, 2008

Teacher gets PF benefits by using RTI

The Right to Information (RTI) Act can prove to be an empowering tool for the common man. The case of Shyam Karan Yadav, who used the Act to seek information regarding why the retirement benefits to his paralytic father were held back even after two years of his retirement and got the benefits released, merits mention.

"The authorities were making us run from pillar to post on wrong charges. They maintained my father had to clear his dues,'' said Yadav. His father, Nathumal Yadav was a teacher in Shri Durga Ji Junior High school, a government-aided school with a private management set-up, at Chandeshwar in Azamgarh.

Nathumal had retired from school in June 2006 but when he claimed his PF funds, the school management did not act on his application. "It was then that I decided to use RTI. I wanted to know the exact reason behind the delay,'' added Yadav. He sought information on why the benefits were not being released to his father and if there were any dues to clear then what was the amount.

As expected, the management did not bother to respond. It was only after an appeal was filed with the commission that the management acted on Yadav's application. "The amount of dues which the school authorities were claiming to be quite high , came down to thousands when the genuine information under RTI was released,'' said the relieved applicant.

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