Tuesday, December 09, 2008

NCPRI makes presentation before Parliamentary Standing Committee

Shekhar Singh and Nikhil Dey of NCPRI made a presentation before the Parliamentary Committee on 21 October. They spoke to them for about an hour and also gave them a copy each of the presentation and of the NCPRI RTI primer.

Complete NCPRI's response to points raised by Parliamentary Standing Committee
Dear Sri Milap,

Thanks a lot for sending us this NCPRI presentation by Ms Aruna Roy, Sri Shekhar Singh, Sri Nikhil Dey and others where they have not only dealt with all the important aspects related with the RTI but have also discussed in details about what are the problems faced in the proper implementation of this Act.
I particularly liked the section related with the use and misuse of the RTI Act where they have pointed out the two major misuses of the Act, viz., officers will be blackmailed and the other being that they will be harassed. They have also made a very useful and pragmatic suggestion in this regard which says that overburdened departments might periodically assess the type of information the citizens want, and put this suo moto in the public domain, as is already required under Section 4 of the RTI act.
Thus a wonderful piece of writing on a subject that is opening so many newer vistas in our country.

Amitabh Thakur,
# 94155-34526  
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