Thursday, December 04, 2008

It costs to question in Gurgaon

Vaish had no idea that seeking answers under the Right to Information (RTI) Act from a state department in Haryana would cost him so dearly. Vaish was asked to pay over Rs 8 lakh to the Haryana State Industries and Infrastructure Development Corporation for papers to be delivered to him against his queries. Vaish had sought information on industrial plots allotted to entrepreneurs in Udyog Vihar, charges slapped against plot-owners and money used on the area’s development. To his horror, the corporation’s public information officer asked him for a fee of Rs 8.27 lakh. Vaish said he was asked to deposit Rs 4 lakh for information on 2,000 plots, as details of each plot would require 20 pages. An additional Rs 4.27 lakh were demanded for oth er information. Could not the cost of paper have somehow been saved? Vaish said he was denied information on CDs. At Rs 50 per CD, this would have cost him only a few hundred rupees.

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