Thursday, December 25, 2008

Asked to show files, CBI claims they are missing

Just when the CBI was ordered to produce three files pertaining to a seven-year-old corruption case under the Right to Information Act, the premier investigating agency said the files were missing. The files pertain to investigations in a corruption case against three junior officials of the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB). The case dates back to July 19, 2001, when the CBI laid a trap at the Mumbai NCB office on a complaint by Navin Dubey, a suspect in a narcotics case. Dubey was sent with a recording device to the NCB office, while CBI officers waited outside. The trap fell through after one of the officers detected the recording device. After failing to hear from Dubey, the CBI team went to the NCB office to ensure his well-being. Ubale also sought information under RTI and obtained details which revealed that the witness in Dubey's complaint was called on July 17, 2001, a day prior to the receipt of his complaint. The government justified the action in the court saying it was part of operational exigency. Ubale filed a complaint before Chief Information Commission (CIC) that in spite of its order, CBI was withholding certain records. CIC directed the CBI to allow Ubale access to the records but the agency did not comply with it.

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