Monday, November 10, 2008

Info about Nano project denied under RTI

When the state government signed an MoU with Tata Motors Ltd (TML) for the Nano car project, the government claimed it was as per existing norms and regulations. But now, industries department has denied access to the MoU and other related information sought under Right to Information (RTI) Act.

Under RTI, TOI had sought a copy of the agreement through an application dated October 10. However, a month later the information has been denied by the industries department through a letter interestingly dated October 24, but stamped November 7. The letter signed by the departments public information officer (PIO) BS Mehta says that since the application seeking information pertains to a third party, it is necessary to issue notice to the company for making submissions under Section 11 of RTI.

According to the PIO, TML has requested not to let out any information regarding the Nano project since this will harm the company¬Ęs competitive position. Moreover, the information sought is related to TMLs trade secrets, the PIO said.

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