Sunday, August 03, 2008

GIC slaps Rs 25K fine on sub-registrar

A sub-registrar , instead of handing over a property deed after registering it to the new owner, gave it to the seller's advocate. And when the owner demanded his original deed under Right to Information (RTI) Act the officer ignored the demand. Now the Gujarat Information Commission (GIC) has slapped a penalty of Rs 25,000 on him, in his capacity as public information officer (PIO) and the sub-registrar at Kalyanpur in Jamnagar. Disciplinary proceedings have been initiated by the department and GIC has awarded a compensation of Rs 4,0000 to the applicant. Navneet Thakkar of Dwarka under RTI had demanded to know from PIO why his deed was not returned even after one year of payment of stamp duty and interest.

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