Saturday, July 26, 2008

RTI activists seek probe into cash-for-vote 'sting' tapes

RTI activists hope to use public pressure to demand an independent inquiry into the cash-for-votes scandal. "Rather than order any inquiry, which is conducted in-camera or in secrecy, we request you to order an inquiry which is thorough and is done in a completely transparent manner. It should be conducted by people of unimpeachable integrity," the appeal said. Significantly, the NGOs who have addressed their appeal to Speaker Somnath Chatterjee also sought to play up his image as upholder of transparency, as they appealed to him to accept their plea. "We hope that you will not reject our application by invoking some exemption clause in RTI Act. RTI Act says that none of the exemption clauses would apply if there was a larger public interest involved. It is not the image of a few MPs or some political parties which is at stake. Today, it is the faith of the people in Indian Parliament and its members which is at stake. Can there be a bigger public interest?" they asked. The RTI queries have also sought to know what kind of inquiry has been ordered, details of its terms and conditions and the names of the members of the inquiry committee. They have also demanded to know what action will be taken on the alleged horse trading.

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