Saturday, April 12, 2008

RTI killed in Karnataka

Karnataka Government amended Karnataka Right to Information Rules, 2005 and issued notification which imposes certain restrictions on citizens seeking information. Beaurocrats in Karnataka are relentlessly trying to scuttle the implementation of RTI Act and systematically working in blocking citizens from seeking information. The present amendment is one such attempt to kill RTI Act in the State. No objections were invited from the citizens before making amendement to the Act. This is the only amendment enacted by the State Government eversince imposition of president's rule in Karnataka. The present amendement will result in filing more number of applications for getting specific information from the Public Authorities. As already experienced this will ultimately result in filing more number of complaints before the Karnatka Informtion Commission and consequently more waiting period.

It has become a practice that unless complaints are filed before the Information Commission and notices are received, no PIO in the State is furnishing the information to the applicants. As of now it takes a minimum 6 to 7 months to get any information from any of the public authority in Karnataka. Soft stand taken by the Commissioners in letting out the errant PIOs has complicated the issue further.

We are planning to arrange for a protest meeting/rally and hunger strike against the unilateral stand taken by the Karnataka State in amending the Rules which is aimed only at protecting the Public Informaton Officers. Please we solicit your opinion on the amendment carried out by the State Government.

[Posted by B.H. Veeresha of Mahiti Hakku Adhyayana Kendra, Bangalore on the HJ group]

Text of Notification

CHRI's critique of the amendment
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