Saturday, March 29, 2008

70% second appeals in two days

It took two days to dispose of 197 of the 278 Right to Information (RTI) appeals made to the state information commissioner. In Pune division alone, there are about 3,200 pending appeals. To clear the appeals, Kuvalekar tried an innovative idea of reconciliation between the appellants and the authorities. A two-day camp was held to dispose of the appeals through reconciliation. Kuvalekar said there will be a four-day camp in May to clear more RTI appeals. Kuvalekar, who took over as SIC in February 2007, he has decided 450 appeals and held hearings at district places to help appellants and the authorities. Kuvalekar said, “The expected effect of the law
and its utility to the society will not be felt unless the appeals are disposed of

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