Friday, February 01, 2008

18th World Book Fair: Release of RTI Training Manual on Video

Kabir will be releasing the Hindi version of our film team's latest work titled: *RTI Training Manual on Video on Monday, 4 February at 4:00 PM at the 18th World Book Fair being held in Pragati Maidan (Youth Pavallion No7). * We cordially invite you to join us and Central Information Commissioner Prof. M. M. Ansari for this release which will be followed by a lecture by Mr. Arvind Kejriwal.

We also encourage you to visit the Right to Information stand *(Hall No. 12 A, Stand No. S. 1/25)* hosted by Kabir throughout the Book Fair. Our manuals and films will be available for sale at stand.

*A Bit About the Film
*Over the past months, our film team has been working diligently on a set of films that together will give the viewer the experience of attending one of our Right to Information training workshops. The "RTI Training Manual on Video" features leaders of India's RTI movement.

Why have such a training film? An important reason is that we wanted to have standardized packet of basic information about RTI so that we could disseminate it widely. Currently we can only present RTI to as many audiences as we have manpower or time to address. Having a workshop on CD or DVD allows us to deliver a high quality presentation in anywhere with a TV and CD player, anytime! It will also free us up to focus on those who are already familiar with the basics of RTI and require more in depth assistance.

We hope to see you at the release and the book fair!

Best Regards,
The Kabir Team

[posted by bibhav kumar of Kabir on HJ]
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