Friday, December 29, 2006

Lessons on RTI taught to the Village School teacher

Keeping in perspective the various successful experiences of the use of Right to Information the fact is reinstated that the need of the hour today is to take the reins of governance from the hands of the so called public representatives and public servants and directly empower the common man with it. The moment a selected few get the authority to make policies for public welfare, it not only dilutes their sense of accountability it makes them irresponsible, selfish and unprofessional.

Mr. Promod Dixit, the only teacher appointed in the Pre Middle School of the Panchampur village of Banda District, Uttar Pradesh is a burning example. His appointment became a means for him to overpower the have-nots i.e the villagers and elude them with their right to learn. He was not only playing with the future of more
than 70 children but also making a complete mockery of the revered student teacher relationship. The Village Panchayat was unaware and helpless in this regard.

Mr. Dixit would not even in the wildest of his dreams have thought that the villagers would use their right to information as a weapon to teach him a lesson and force the administration to take necessary action against him.
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