Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Anti Bribery Campaign Notes - Rajasthan

Kannaiyalal, a resident of Beawar, had been trying to get the patta for his land for many months without any success. He had done the usual rounds around government offices and been harassed to no end before he reached the campaign's kiosk in Beawar yesterday. He filed an application under the RTI Act asking why he had not received the patta for so long and who was the responsible officer for this? Today, we received the news that the Nagar Parishad had sent a person to measure his plot of land and had inititated the process to furnish him the patta!

Rita Devi, a rape victim, demands to know why she hasn't recieved full justice
In the capital Jaipur today, Rita Devi, a resident of Viswakarma Industrial Area (and originally from Motihari, Bihar) who was raped in S.M.S Hospital by a ward boy last May demanded to know why the compensation of Rs 1 lakh that was awarded to her by the special court in September had still not reached her. Her husband Lalbabu Paswan said that he had been to the Chief Minister's office, who had directed them to the District Collector, who had further sent him to the ADM (North). He had been coming to the Collectorate daily for the last 20 days and spent around Rs 1500 in these days on travel. This is by no means a small amount for him; he is a daily wage earner, the breadwinner of his family recieving Rs 65 for his day's work.

Today, our volunteers went along with Rita and Lalbabu to meet the ADM (North) with the RTI application. He met us immediately, and sent us to the ADM (Ist), who is the PIO for the Collectorate. The application was successfully put and in addition, the ADM (1st) also assured that Rita Devi's file would be sent to the Home Commissioner today itself for processing. However, he also commented that the questions asked (such as "why has the compensation not been given till date and when will it be given") cannot be provided under the Act, as it is not in any written form. To this, we replied that whatever he wanted to provide or not, he should do it in writing.

In all, 93 applications have been filed under RTI Act today from Jaipur, Bhim, Beawar, Ajmer, Udaipur, Abu Road, Nokha and Nimbaheda (Chittorgarh).
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