Thursday, May 25, 2006

Harassement and Use of RTI counter to it

To all
Today in valedictory of RTI programme our SCIC, Mr Mishra, spoke of an interesting Order he had made to a question on the very subject of personal use of RTI getting things done.

The Case he cited: MR X an Doctor Turned advocate had applied for Building Licence to Mysore Muncipal Corporation . He was instructed to Show National Saving Certificates to the tune of Rs 35000/- Purchesed recently to get the santion.

Party applied under RTI for the Rules /Notification/Circular on this condition. No reply from PIO. Party files Complaint with Info Comm . Case heard PIO & Party present. PIO express inability to produce the Circular and states Oral Instructions with Target to Mobilise on NSC's. Case disposed to immediatly Sanction and grant Building Liecence without NSC's being insisted.

I think the doctor should approach the commissioner for payment of compensation for the harassment, if only, to instill some fear of law in the officers.  
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